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I am a competitive netballer, and Jen has been training me for the last 18 months. She tailors my sessions around my sport, which I love, and also around any injuries and their rehab I might need. She is also an excellent motivator.

Six months ago, I had to undergo a knee reconstruction. Jen has designed not only a rehabilitation program for my knee, but has found ways to keep my cardio fitness and strength up. I am also a musculoskeletal therapist, and I often refer my patients to Jen, as I know they will be in skilled and safe hands.

Jen rocks!

Kath Phillips

Private Client of 2 Years, Toowong

I enlisted the help of Jen after a personal experience left me feeling down and lacking motivation. Jen gave me sensible and down to earth advice on how to improve my well being through exercise and diet. We trained one on one twice a week using a program Jen prepared which was always varied, fun and also challenging.

Through Jen’s continued support and encouragement my depression lifted in a matter of weeks. Now 18 months later I am happier, healthier, and slimmer. Brilliant! Thanks Jen.

Jean East

Private Client of 6 Years, Graceville

I loved having Jen as my PT. I was training with her for over 5 years and  never did the same session twice. She kept it fun and varied. I did one-on-one training with Jen but on seeing my results my husband  trained with us also. 

I mountain bike and Jen has been able to target my sessions to help me with my mountain biking. When I badly broke my leg last year Jen was able to design a program to help me maintain my fitness through my recovery and her focus on proper form and technique assisted me with my rehab exercises. 

 Anyone who is looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable and fun PT should contact Jen.

Jay S.

Private Client of 6 Years, Indooroopilly

Jenny is a particularly accomplished personal and group trainer who caters for the varying ability levels in her classes extremely well.

She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of her work and gives clear and professional guidance and instructions. She approaches each class with enthusiasm, a sense of humour, which is much appreciated and is professional at all times.

Hellen Pursey

Class Participant of 4 Years, Toowong

I have been working with Jen for a few years now. She has supported me going from completely out of shape to being fitter than I would ever have thought possible. Classes with Jen have always been the backbone of my fitness routine, keeping me accountable and motivated. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have lost weight if I had not been consistently training with Jen. She has coached me through significant injuries and provided me with advice to keep on track with every set back. She helps you work at your level, whatever that may be, but also push yourself to keep improving. I could not recommend a trainer more highly.

Jenny Day

I’m so very grateful that I have experienced the benefits of training with Jen, especially joining in the group classes! I definitely feel healthier, stronger and less stressed after developing a regular exercise schedule (not to mention the 15 kgs+ weight loss…and still counting).

It’s certainly been a journey of progressive improvement and I have been very encouraged by the support from Jen and the other group participants (even when I was starting out at my heaviest weight or am the last in the class to finish a set).

Belinda Oberia

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