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Personal Trainer

Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Certificate IV Training & Assessment
Fitness Australia Registration no. 00036376

After working in sports education in primary schools for many years, I decided to follow my true passion which is helping adults with their training, weight loss and developing an all round healthier lifestyle.

I have spent many years playing, coaching and refereeing a number of sports including soccer, touch football, netball and basketball.

I have also competed in triathlons for a few years and have now been competing with Masters Athletics Qld. for the past 15 years in sprint events.

I have been a regular gym participant for the last 25 years and have tried a number of different styles of training.

I love helping people find the joy in activity. It often takes some trial and error before a person finds what it is they like to do, but I believe everyone can find an exercise/activity they can enjoy.

After a serious illness in 1994 I gained a new respect for food, as it is the means for fueling our body and everything we put in our mouths affects the way we function in our daily lives. Because of this I have continually researched foods, diets and natural therapies over the last 15 years.

I believe every ‘body’ is different and should be trained and fed as an individual not following diet and training programs devised for the masses.

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