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Personal Training In Brisbane's Inner Western Suburbs

Be the best you can be!

  Jen’s Outdoor Gym serving Brisbane’s ‘Inner western suburbs’-Milton, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Auchenflower, Paddington & Bardon for 12 years

Are you able to exercise hard enough to achieve optimum physical fitness, or do you need a personal trainer to give you that extra push and support?

Weight Loss

Sport-Specific Training

Joint Mobility & Arthritis Relief

Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling

Free Consultation Session

Exercising in the great outdoors is an invigorating experience, after exercising in the morning you feel refreshed and energized for your day. People who regularly exercise will tell you about the lovely calm and special quality of the light and air, which can only be experienced at early morning.

Also, getting outside after work, rather than going into another air-conditioned environment, is wonderfully de-stressing. Outdoor exercising is particularly therapeutic given our hectic city lifestyle!

Why wait? Call Jen now for fresh air fitness!

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You choose they way you want to train !

See below types of sessions we can do


A One off session

You might want to just plan your weightloss and exercise in a sit down chat or…..

I can put together a program,with photos, for you to use at home or in your gym.

This would be charged /hour it takes to do the program usually 1 hour @$100 



Intensive 4-6 week program

Some people have a special event they need to prepare for so we can hit it hard for a short period.

This will include diet plan and training also @ $100/hour or part thereof i.e. 2x half hour session /week $100

Once a month session to check form and progress

This option is for the more motivated trainee who can train on their own and just needs some setting up and guidance .

This would include a training program , diet & lifetsyle plan .

Once a week session

This session can be done in your home or in a nearby park at a suitable time.

The session would be tailored for your specific needs.

This is also recommended for the more motivated who are going to do other sessions on their own on the other days.

2-3 sessions/week

This can be done in your home or in a nearby park, or a combination of venues, at a time to suit.

The set would be tailored for your specific needs

…recommended 30-45mins/session $45-$70

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